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Saturday, July 7, saw seven new members inducted into the Skilled Football Hall of Fame Canton Ohio.

Peyton Manning, five time NFL MVP, was among the group, as was Calvin Johnson (single-year leader in NFL receiving yards).

John Lynch, San Francisco 49ers generalplace management, and nine-time Skilled Bowl journalist were inducted into The Hall alongside Alan Faneca. Faneca is an outstanding interior offense-lineman of this century.

Charles Woodson’s long, distinguished football career included a Super Bowl victory, a Heisman trophy (and the Defensive Players of the year award), and now an Induction bust.

Drew Pearson

NFL fans are familiarized with Pearson’s ability to speak in public. Pearson’s art work at 2017 draft is a great example of this talent.

Sunday was a great day at Pearson’s. He showed off his “skinny”, and referenced the fact that there wasn’t a bigger afro on any Hall of Fame bust.

Roger Staubach was his exquarterback and presented the Dallas Cowboys legend to him. Staubach, who was also a Hall of Famer, met Pearson in a well known Hail Mary game that saw Pearson defeat the Minnesota Vikings at the 1975 NFC Divisional.

Tom Flores

Finally, the Hall of Fame inducts first ever minority head coach to win Super Bowl.

He was also able find Raiders owner Mark Davis. Al Davis, Davis’ father, was the manager of the workers while Flores coached. Flores is well-acquainted with the fact that Davis, an eight-year old, used to “create havoc” during body of worker practices.

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